My Valentine Was A Sociopath

     Before I met a sociopath, I was clueless. I never thought that I’d run across one. Sociopaths were only in the movies doing horrible things to other people. Surely I’d never meet someone with such evil intentions.

Boy, was I wrong!


     Valentine’s Day was upon us. Everyone else had a sweetheart, or so I imagined. I was lonely, vulnerable, and looking for love. That made me an easy target. So when a sociopath went after my heart, I offered it freely.

He didn’t come after me looking or acting like what I figured a sociopath would act. He came after me with words that I longed to hear. He made me feel special. I had a valentine too. I felt loved like I hadn’t felt in years, in the beginning.


      He was a Christian, or so he claimed. He knew the Bible better than I did. (Don’t be impressed by people who quote the Bible. Be impressed by people who live the Bible) He wooed me with all the wonderful verses he could repeat. Then, later, he used all the verses against me. Before the end I was worn down, trying to figure out how to prevent the rages of a madman. I had to deal with verbal, emotional, and other abuse like I never thought possible.


      You may be an easy target for a sociopath, or you may be in a relationship with one now. You’re not alone. Millions of sociopaths live among us. According to Lovefraud .com between 6 percent and 17 percent of the U.S. population are sociopaths. Predators prowl the Internet to gain easy access to victims.


     At the beginning of a relationship, we all put our best selves on display. We exaggerate our good qualities, for the most part. Trying to be what we think the other person wants. If, in the end, you find yourself tangling with a sociopath, don’t be shocked when their mask slips and you find out what lurks behind the charm.

     Read about the signs to be aware of in, Lonely Heart Meets Charming Sociopath or Love and Abuse on 40 Acres. These powerful, expose-all books offer freedom and peace of mind as you unlock the secret schemes of a dangerous imposter. Peek behind the mask. Learn through vivid details, the true-to-life signs of a trolling predator. Protect yourself and the ones you love. If you think it can’t happen to you-you could be dead wrong.


















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